Monday, 7 January 2013

That Was My Love Story

When my love story begin.. 27/12/2012


when i was alone, when i feel so bad.. when i really2 need someone to stay with me, when i need shoulder to cry..

someone come to me, hope to be able to fill the hole in my heart,

a person who brings hope that no more sorrow..

give his love and promise to complement each other

to make me happy everyday, help to forget all the pain, 
he make me laugh every second,
he stay with me when i have a problem,

yes, i fell in love with all is kindness, he helped me to forget the painful memories,

sometimes, he made me forget that he was with me,
after a few month, much i distrust, 

I realized, i'm just transit point for him, there is someone who is still waiting for him, now, he leave me forever, 


just the way, i'm alone now.. 
no more messages from him, no more good morning greetings, 
no more words to my spirit, all lost in the blink of an eye..
give you a chance to get back in your life, you allow for more from me, you forget all your promises to me, you forget her dishonesty, you forget all the pain that he made, you close the space for me
yes, i'm broken heart..

you forget all my sacrifices for you,
now are you happy with your old lover,
thank you for everything, for my pain,

but, i'm alone..
i miss all the moment with you..


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